Privacy And Policy

We welcome you to vdukaan.com, Pakistan’s most caring online retail shopping website, because for us our client means a lot. The main aim of the privacy policy is to establish a picture that how important it is for us to safeguard your privacy. This policy illuminates on the fact that how we collect, store and use all the personal data we collect of you and how we use that data solely for the betterment of our customers. By reaching our online website either directly or indirectly from another site, you willingly accept all the parameters mentioned in this privacy policy. We assure you that all our all actions including using your name, collecting your data, using your data (provided by you at the first step) will be only be done according the framework of this privacy policy.

Data We Acquire:

On our website we collect data in various pieces. This collected and stored data is used in a process for processing all of your purchase on website and different types of after sales claim that you can make. In this process we may collect different kind of functional information i.e. gender, name, email address, delivery address, postal address, cell phone number, payment method, card details, or any sort of bank details.

This all information acquired finally help us to go through your order and process it in the stipulated time, so that it can be delivered at your door step. Moreover, the data which you provide to us will be used in order to verify different kinds of financial transactions that are made against your order, also helping to enhance/improve the visibility of the content of the pages leading to customization, of them for your convenience. The data will also enable us to identify different kinds of visitors on our website and also leading to the research of our users either demographically or depending upon your buying pattern.

This whole process of data taking is solely dependent upon your consent and in case if you prefer not to be a part of this activity of receiving marketing advertisement /communication you can easily opt out and any frame of time. Your address and name may be passed to a third party (courier/supplier) for delivery of the product. You must submit up to date information with us so that the delivery can be made to you within a stipulated frame of time. The detail of your orders may be kept by us but that cannot be retrieved by us due to security reasons. While you can access this information by logging into your account of your website. In this account you can get a detail of your orders, either completed or queued to be dispatched.

Vdukaan.com cannot assume any kind of liability for leakage/misuse of login information, unless and until the leakage/misuse is due to our fault.

Further use of personal information:

Your personal information may be used for different kinds of market research. In this regard the details would remain anonymous and will be used only for statistical purpose. Any survey answers will not be directly conveyed to third parties. However, if you opt to take part in survey only your email address will be shared. The details of the survey would also be shared with you. However, you can unsubscribe it at any time.

Links and third party:

Your information/details may be passed to the other companies in our hood. These companies might be the suppliers or the courier companies and their moto would be of providing customer service or marketing assistance to us. The exchange of information with third parties could be also be because of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

Apart from these purpose we shall not disclose or sell your information to any third party without undertaking your consent Unless and until we are required by law to do so. There may appear some kind of advertising material of third parties at our website. However, please keep in mind that we hold ourselves not responsible for the privacy policy of those third party websites.


At vdukaan.com we have taken certain strict security and technical measure to prevent any kind of accidental or unauthorized loss relating to the leakage of your information. As we entirely collect all your personal details on a secure survey. As a part of security procedure we also sometimes request you to give a proof of your identity before disclosing your personal information to you. You are kindly requested to cooperate as this is for your own security.

Your say:

As you’re an integral part of our business model so your voice and consent will always remain very important for us. In this regard