Payment Methods

Payment methods:

vdukaan.com is created to provide you with the convenience for all your shopping needs. We understand that you time is very precious so we are destined to provide a best possible service at your doorstep without you been going into the market. Keeping this thing in view we have device certain payment plans for you so that you can continue to do the shopping without any hassle. Follwing payment plans are available at Vdukaan.com:

  1. Cash on delivery:

This is the most convenient form of payment option which you can choose to opt at vdukaan.com. As the name suggests you have a convenience of shopping at your doorstep once you get your parcel in your hand, in order to avail the service you have to place the order by logging into your account at the website once the order is confirmed you will get an email assuring you that your product will reach you in stipulated time. The product will be delivered through reliable courier service, once you get the product at your doorstep you have to pay the certain amount of money to enjoy using the product.

  1. Jazz Cash:

In this modern field of science where everything is getting revolutionized the use of mobile wallet has increased to greater extent keeping this thing in view we have also entered into an agreement with Jazz Cash for the payment solutions to our website. In this solution you will be provided with three options in order to pay for your desired product. Firstly you can pay the amount of your product through your Jazz Cash mobile account, in order to perform this you have to check out by providing us with the cell number of your Jazz cash account, the payment will be automatically deducted from that account and will be posted to our account, you will get a confirmation message and the product will reach you in the stipulated time. Second way is to make the payment through Jazz cash mobile shop in this mode once you will enter the mobile number you will get Jazz Cash message on your cell phone and then you have to visit the Jazz cash mobile shop and perform the transactional process, once the payment is paid by you will get a confirmation message from the Jazz cash confirming your arrival of the payment and then after that you will get the product in the stipulated time. The third way to pay through the Jazz Cash is by the use of your credit / debit card, you need to enter your card details at the website during the checkout and once the payment is processed you will get a confirmation message on your cell phone giving you the guarantee that your payment is confirmed and you will get the product in the respective time.
We assure you that our service totally secure and all the provide personal information provided by you will be kept entirely in the secret away as we know the importance of personal information is very critical to you.